​​Information about Admissions

The school's current admissions policy is operated by the Shropshire Council which is the Admissions Authority for all Community and Church of England Controlled Schools within Shropshire.  Full details of the policy, together with information about the arrangements for admission, are set out in the "Parents' Guide to Education in Shropshire".  Copies of this booklet are held in school for the reference of interested parents, in local libraries, and are available on request from the Admissions Team, Shropshire Council, The Shirehall, Abbey Foregate, Shrewsbury SY2 6ND or online at

Any specific requests for information on admissions should be directed to the Admissions Team Tel: 01743 254364 or email

 The school has an admission number of 8 for the Reception intake in 2016/17.  

Parents of Reception children in Shropshire will be required in the autumn term prior to the school year of admission to complete an LA application form stating preferences for up to three schools.  If there are more applications for places than are available within the admission limit, then priority will be given based on:

  • Children with a statement for Special Educational Needs
  • Looked after children
  • Children living within the defined catchment area (priority will be given to children living within catchment who will have an older sibling at the school on the day they are due to start there)
  • Children living outside the defined catchment area

Very exceptionally, where a child has a particular health reason requiring them to attend a specific school, that child may be given a place before any of the children who qualify above.

Please see "Parents' Guide" for specific details. 

Parents should be aware that attendance at a particular primary school does not in any way guarantee a place at a particular secondary school.